Pretty simple, really.  Keeping one of these young people in school costs £75 per year in fees, books, uniform.  It breaks down like this:

Pencil (1 per child) - 10p

Pens (3 per child) - 39p

School uniform - £7.80

Set of exercise books and mathematical set - £8.71

Partial bursary (75% of school fees) for one school year - £18.20

Additional tuition - £39.00

*APEED has established its own library, so that kids can borrow books for their studies, without having to buy them themselves.  This library is also something we raise funds to keep stocking on an ongoing basis.

Donate £7.50, £75 or multiples of £7.  Or pick one thing and cover the cost of it for a child for a year.  It really will help to keep one or more very poor child in school for another year.  We currently help more than 100 kids each year – the more funds the raise, the more children we can help.

Keep Kids in School is also registered with givingabit.com, a free service where retailers donate a small percentage of your online spend with them to your nominated cause.  Register today and enable your online spending to keep directly benefit a child's education in Benin.   

We’re seeing an increasing number of children who have a dire need for food and basic living costs, even somewhere safe to live, and we’re hoping to help them – not only to improve their standards of living, but get them into school.  So we're aiming to give an extra £10 per month to these kids to help them get through daily life, as well as school.  Keep an eye on our news page for updated reports and to see what’s happening in Benin.